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“I feel honesty and integrity should be the backbone of any business!”

profile 1I’m Anthony Nichols, the owner of N.C.I.S..  That’s my wife of 20 years, Sara!  (Isn’t she pretty?).  We have four beautiful daughters and two awesome grandchildren!  As many couples do, we started our life together at a young age.  Both of us have always worked hard, I started out in the oilfields of Alaska!  From there I was a long haul trucker going back and forth from Canada and the States.  When the company I worked for had to do some cutbacks, being the last one hired, I was the first to go.  I remember that feeling of wondering how I was going to feed my family.  I decided I was never going to be in that position again so I took a chance and started my own business and I have never looked back!

Computers and technology have always been my passion.  Even in high school I had maxed out all of the tech and computer courses.  I have an Associates degree in mechanical technology, everything from ancient gas engines to computer controlled instrumentation, I knew what direction I wanted to go!  If I was going to take this risk, I wanted to be passionate about it.  That was in the year 2000 and I have been going and growing ever since!

Like anyone else in this business, I started out fixing computers for family and friends.  The internet and technology was, and is, constantly changing!  I took a lot of courses to keep myself ahead of it all, and I continue to do so!  There isn’t much that is outside of my skill set, but I’ll never charge you if I can’t fix it and I will help you find someone who can!

Word of mouth is how I got started, it’s how I remain successful.  I value that.

Sara and I have been here for around 18 years now.  Aside from working full time she has been home schooling too.  I do volunteer work for our church, Lifeway Chapel, turns out that they found out I have been doing live sound since I was 12 years old, I am now the Sound and Video Supervisor!  I also do some volunteer work at Civil Air Patrol IT Team and I am a Cyberpatriot team mentor.

When your computer goes down, you can’t help but panic.  Your life is on there!  Your personal information will be handled with the same respect and privacy your doctor gives you.  Please read through my Privacy Policy.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me!

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